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Come see Ballet La Crosse perform "Marushka", a story about an orphan girl with an impossible task.
Date: October 29th & 30th
Time: TBA
Location: Weber Center

Tickets Coming Soon

Audition Dates
Ballet 5/6 & Pre-Pro 2/3: April 29th 6-8:30pm
Beginning Ballet - Ballet 4: April 30th 10-12:30pm
Males 13 and Up: April 30th 10-12:30pm
Makeup Audition: May 7th 3:30-5:30pm

Ballet La Crosse

Ballet La Crosse, now in its 10th season, is a semi-professional ballet company designed to increase exposure to and appreciation for classical performing arts in the community as well as to provide opportunities for area youth to gain training that mirrors that of the professional world. Founded in 2012 by Miss Misty Lown and the late Mr. Kennet Oberly, Ballet La Crosse has provided hundreds of local dancers the opportunity to be a part of bringing full-length story ballets and mixed rep shows to local audiences. Thousands of audience members have been able to experience the wonder of classical performing arts through Ballet La Crosse over the last 10 years.