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Saturday, November 13th at 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, November 14th at 2:00 p.m.

Orchestra: $24
Balcony: $20
Youth (18 and under): $10 all locations

Welcome to Ballet La Crosse’s timeless story of Heidi, the adventure-filled story of a young orphan sent to live with her grandfather in the mountains of Switzerland.

Heidi is a young orphan under the care of her Aunt Dete. Much fatigued by the responsibility of raising a young child, Aunt Dete brings Heidi to a remote village in Switzerland where Heidi’s estranged Grandfather lives. She forcibly abandons Heidi into her Grandfather’s care.

The Grandfather is at first irritated at the prospect of taking charge of Heidi's upbringing, but his hardened heart soon softens as he learns to love Heidi as she brings insight and inspiration into his previously gloomy life. Heidi, in turn, grows attached, not only to her Grandfather, but also to her new friend Peter, the goat herder, his Blind Grandmother and the small village huddled in the mountains’ shadows.

Just when all seems good, Aunt Dete returns and whisks Heidi away to the big city of Frankfurt. There Heidi is introduced to the Sesemann household where she has been promised as a companion to Herr Sesemann’s invalid wheelchair-bound daughter, Clara. Where Heidi is used to the simple life with her Grandfather, in the shadow of the mountain, the Sesemann Mansion is overflowing with wealth and luxury. At first Heidi balks at the strict heartlessness of the Governess Frau Rottenmeier, but Clara and Heidi soon grow extremely fond of each other. Even though Heidi terribly misses her Grandfather and the simple mountain life she has become so accustomed to, she does her best to befriend Clara and bring some cheer into her very restricted life.

Meanwhile, the Grandfather, brokenhearted over the loss of his Heidi, gathers every last bit of money he has and pays Dete to bring her back. Upon return to the mountain, Dete and Heidi are confronted by a band of gypsies who attempt to kidnap Heidi. The Grandfather, at the last moment, is able to save Heidi from their clutches. Heidi and the Grandfather are overjoyed to be together again and to return home to the magical mountains.

The Sesemann household, driven by Clara's insistence, agrees to visit Heidi in her mountain paradise. They are very charmed by the country air, people, and simple way of life. During their visit, an altercation occurs between Peter, Heidi and Clara over friendship, loyalty, and possessiveness. The fight results in a near tragic accident. The children now must collaborate to save Heidi from devastation. At this time, a miracle shines upon Clara as she discovers that she has the ability to walk, as necessity forces her to abandon her wheelchair and find the strength to help others selflessly.

All three children experience the transformation into loving benevolence, opening their hearts, and accepting life as a magical force to be treasured each moment, as the greatest gift ever. During this time, Herr Sesemann and Frau Rottenmeier discover their affection for each other, fall in love, and marry. Everyone unites during the wedding feast and celebration held at the beautiful village square.